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Cast metal is my creative mistress.  The arduous casting process is the sweet punishment for taking on such a resistant lover.  For a few moments in the course of each melt, there exists a brief moment, a pause, at which time there is an exchange of form, and a new identity is now held captive within the shape-shifting containment of the sculpted mould.

My objects are fashioned to resemble figurative forms, mostly those of the human and other legged beasts.  I incorporate features that explicate the physical reference I present.  Albeit they are composed of absurdly proportioned and exaggerated bodies and limbs - a bit whimsical, a bit unnerving - all are posed and poised to face the will of nature’s plan.


These denizens of the deep unconscious, are my archetypal connections, concoctions that become manifest as my mortal mind tricks me into mischievous fantasy.

Minnesotan born in 1948

Quebecois and Indigenous ancestry

MFA Sculpture 1989

Emphasis: cast metals

Minneapolis MN resident

Curriculum Vitae: Bipolar

a situation of severe trial, in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

a vessel in which metallic elements are melted to be cast into new objects.

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