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Born in Minnesota, of Quebecois and Indigenous ancestry, in this land of water and extremes. I have traveled often over the years, leaving with no intention of returning, yet I always do - the nature of this place has tempered my soul, as fire does steel.


I draw from the natural, the spirit I need to enter the contemplative space needed to design my mischief, my odd creatures of metal, my muse.

Process guided and referential in nature, the work I founder is the result of a dedicated interest in and investigation of historical systems and skill sets for smelting and refining both ferrous and nonferrous metals - the subsequent products - aesthetic as well as utilitarian.

Spirited and playful, a bit animated and exaggerated, yet posed as serious studies, the individuals I render are poised with purpose - a stoic stance suggesting both strength and stamina while facing ever challenging survival.

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